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About Us?

The Colombian Numismatics Foundation (Numiscol), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of numismatics.

Our main mission is the historical, scientific and cultural study of Colombian numismatics, appreciating in detail its coins, medals, decorations, tokens, signs, banknotes, bonds, vouchers, promissory notes, and in general, all the securities that have been issued in the country throughout its history.

Since 2000, the Colombian Numismatics Foundation has organized different specialized auctions that have marked a milestone in the history of Colombia. In addition, through the numismatic bulletin, he has made important research contributions to the history of numismatics on the continent that have been shared with the international community through his publications on social networks and participation in different numismatic events in the region.

Some Of Our Services


We review your collection and pieces and give you a value


We go to every corner with Important themes


We are present in all the important events of the medium.


We have a selection of collector coins from Colombia, Latin America and various countries, focusing on the quality of the pieces, their originality and history.


We present beautiful pieces in both quality and value in the market. We are concerned with delivering and making available tickets from all corners of the world.

Our History

We have made several trips to strengthen ties with other Numismatic institutions that include visits to Santo Domingo, Panama, Orlando, New York, Philadelphia, and Arequipa. Similarly, we have received International Numismatic delegations from Venezuela, Spain, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and Guatemala; and we have strived to generate significant added value to our events, to our communications and in general to our entire institution.


Fernando Barriga Del Diestro
Gilberto Páez Amaya
Jorge Becerra León
Alberto Lozano Villegas

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